If you wish to have long, vivid and also thick hair, this recipe may be best for you. Red onion juice could decrease hair loss, avoid growth of grey hair, enhance hair quality as well as development.


Hair development as well as density is commonly hereditary, however because of inner metabolic modifications and environmental energizers, hair usually does not expand efficiently.

Home made treatments that have actually been passed down from generation to generation could be very handy.

The red onions juice is taken into consideration as one of the finest techniques, as well as is frequently made use of from many celebrities.

Baseding on many researches red onions prevent loss of hair in a huge percentage of reported situations. One research study from the Journal of Dermatology discovered that after four weeks of utilizing onion juice, 74 % of people with alopecia areata experienced substantial hair regrowth. Within 6 weeks of using onion juice, 84 % of the people were reported to have hair regrowth.

Skin specialists are claiming that there typically aren’t any unfavorable adverse effects for the scalp or the hair.

This is an outcome of a high level of sulfur consisted of in red onions. Sulfur enhances the manufacturing of collagen, which is critical for hair development.

Many thanks to its anti-bacterial attributes, red onion juice improves blood flow to the scalp and decreases any kind of potential inflammation on the skin.

The juice gives sustenance and also circulation to hair roots. It likewise kills bacteria, parasites, and also is practical in getting rid of some fungis infections, every one of which could assist in avoidance of loss of hair.


You need four onions cleansed, cut and juiced. A high rate blender or food processor or juicer will get the job done perfectly. Place one tbsp of honey in the juice and mix it.

Apply and also massage the juice on your scalp and also leave it to benefit 15-30 mins. I recognize that the scent is strong yet it will pay off in the end. If you have time, you could leave it approximately one hr. When you are done with the therapy, wash your hair as typical. For best results, do this therapy three times in a month.

If you don’t attempt, you will never recognize!

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